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with the patronage of Comune di L'Aquila Provincia di L'Aquila Regione Abruzzo

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Roller International Speed Skating Track and Road Race

L'Aquila 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2023


The event will be held in full compliance with the Protocol regulating the measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID 19 in the organizations of federal competitions and sporting events on the website of the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Federation of Roller Sports, including any subsequent versions, to which all athletes, managers, and accompanying persons, Italian and foreign, must comply.



Take the temperature

Information - Covid-19

All the athletes, Federal Coaches, Associations Dirigents and Registered Sport Manager, will arrive to the Accreditation with their certification given by an authorised to the anti Covid- 19 test laboratory (Antigenic rhinopharyngeal SARS- CoV- 2 VITROS test) that certifies the Covid-19 negativity effectuated maximum 48h before the track/ road race or the vaccination course complete.

Only a technical every 5 partecipant athletes and a Director for each team are allowed to enter the sport facility.

Only a Team Manager every 5, or multiples of 5, partecipant athletes is allowed to enter the sport facility (5 athletes 1 Team Manager, 10 athletes 2 Team Managers).

Every team has a reserved place in the Athletes area that is under the Team Manager responsability, including the procedures provided by the anti Covid-19 protocol.

Every Society Director will be held responsable for the correct use of their area and for the behavior of their athletes.

The Manifestation will take place respecting the last DPCM, of the Decree concerning the protocol of the sport activities of Abruzzo and FISR protocol version 3 of 3/02/2021 and following the security plan prepared and presented by the Police Chief of L'Aquila.

The event will take place with etablished convocation and time for every single category or group depending on the number of the athletes registrated. At the end of the races, the category that has finished the race with the possible companion has to leave the sports centre.

It is an absolute obligation to respect the etablished time.

Special notice will be comunicated from the speaker of the event.

The team/association registered must show the TRIAGE declaration belonging to their partecipants (athletes, coaches, directors, companions, and possible parents) through the Croce Rossa Italiana staff. They also have to give the Director's telephone number and they should follow all the comunications about the event.

The team/association will have to indicate its own area where to place a gazebo- the organisation will give the floor- plan.

Taking in consideration the social and structural distances to garantee the security of the athletes being careful to do not create gatherings of people.

The team/association will control that their participants will wear all the safety devices (masks, social distances, stotioning, entry and exit of their athletes in their assigned areas). The stationation is allowed to the technician and only next to the sectors.

It is forbidden use the shower and locker rooms but it is possible using the toilettes.

The award ceremony will take place at the end of the daily races.

The campers can park in the parking area, indicated in the Camper section but, during the event, it is forbidden to camp opening the veranda.

The Organisation declines all responsability for damage to persons and things that may occur during the event.

Where to get tested for Covid-19

Within the Canadian Hotel on Thursday the 20th May 2021 Dante Labs Laboratory will be available to carry out the anti Covid-19 test (test anti hygienic nasal pharyngeal SARS-CoV-2 VITROS), certifying the negative results to the COVID-19, from 19:30 to 21:30 (the organisation will pay the anti covid test only for the foreign athletes, all the rest of the athletes have to pay 25,00 euros cash).

On Saturday the 22nd from 19:00 to 21:00 and on Sunday the 23rd from 18:30 to 20:30, the Dante Labs laboratory will available to carry out the anti Covid-19 test (test anti hygienic nasal pharyngeal SARS-CoV-2 VITROS) whoever needs the certification to return home could come within the Canadian Hotel. The cost of every single swab is 25,00 euros for both Italians and foreign athletes and the payment could be only cash.

The certification will be sent from the Dante Labs laboratory directly on the email address in 4 hours maximum.