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with the patronage of Comune di L'Aquila Provincia di L'Aquila Regione Abruzzo

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Roller International Speed Skating Track and Road Race

L'Aquila 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2023


Races Program

The following program is not official yet and will most likely be modified before being finalized.

Explanation of Categories' nomenclature.

Thursday 22nd June

Track Practice Timetable


Friday - Track (200m)

Saturday morning - Track (200m) 24th June

Saturday afternoon - Track (200m) 24th June

Sunday 25th June- Road - Parterre in Piazza del Mercato, Flat Track, quartz/cement pavement.

Sunday 25th June- Road - Viale Corrado IV

SundayThe Ragazzi 12, Ragazzi, Allievi, Junior and Senior categories races will start at 8:30am on the road circuit.
The exhibition of the category &lquot;Primi Passi&rquot;, if possible, will be included on Saturday afternoon in the Giovanissimi and Esordienti schedule.
The program may be modified at any Organisation need.


Depending on the number of the participants, being even the Master category equipped with the transponder and in base of the organisation necessity, Men and Woman could start together or with a time difference, it will be decided by the Jury.
The same thing could happen for the "Allievi" category.
The program will be issued by the jury secretary when the registration will be just closed.


The Award Ceremony will take place at the end of each race. The award program could be changed at any Organisation need.
The awards will be listed in the prizes section.

From Thursday the 20th it will be possible to enter in the parking area inside the municipal sports centre of Santa Barbara (entrance on Angelo Pellegrini road- coordinates 42.363998 – 13.386978). The parking is unguarded and it is possible to park cars and camper. There will not be the possibility to use electricity and neither water.

From the parking it is possible to enter in the sports centre.

It is totally forbidden to park on the skating track of Santa Barbara.


Inside the sports centre there will be an area destined to the camper and van free parking. There will not be electricity and water connections and the park is unguarded. We don't accept bookings.

Categories Explained

Category Age Range
Master 70 Athletes born 1953 and previous years
Master 60 Athletes born 1963 - 1954
Master 50 Athletes born 1973 - 1964
Master 40 Athletes born 1983 - 1974
Master 30 Athletes born 1993 - 1984
Seniores Athletes born 2004 and previous years
Juniores Athletes born 2005 - 2006
Allievi Athletes born 2007 - 2008
Ragazzi Athletes born 2009 - 2010
Ragazzi 12 Athletes born in 2011
Esordienti Athletes born 2012 - 2013
Giovanissimi Athletes born 2014 - 2015

Wheel Sizes

Maximum wheels size for all Categories / No exceptions

The Maximum wheel size for Marathons is 125mm