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with the patronage of Comune di L'Aquila Provincia di L'Aquila Regione Abruzzo

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Roller International Speed Skating Track and Road Race

L'Aquila 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2023

Campers' Area

On Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th it will be possible to enter inside the parking area of the Municipal sports centre of Santa Barbara (entrance in Angelo Pellegrini road, see the map), where it is possible to park cars and campers. It is unguarded.

There will not be electricity and water connections.

It's possible to enter inside the sports centre from the parking area.

It is absolutely forbidden to park inside the skating track.

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SUNDAY - cars and campers area. Corrado IV avenue road route

Inside the sports centre there will be an area destinated to the cars, campers and vans parking.
There will not be electricity and water connection.
It is forbidden to place gazebos in front of the camper or the car. From the parking area will be possible to enter in the sport centre.