with the patronage of Comune di L'Aquila Provincia di L'Aquila Regione Abruzzo

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Roller International Speed Skating Track and Road Race

L'Aquila 21st, 22nd and 23rd May 2021

Roller International Speed Skating Race - Track and Road

2nd Memorial Romano Maria Cacciani
8th Memorial Angelo Onorato
CSEN National Championship 2021
World Inline Cup Stage

The Centro Polisportivo Giovanile Aquilano asd, with the patronage of the Mucipality of L'Aquila, the Province of L'Aquila, the Region of Abruzzo, organises the International Road Race competition with the endorsement of the Italian Skating Sports Federation (FISR), (Wolrld Skate) and the Italian Olympic National Committee (CONI) above described.

The races will take place from the morning on Friday the 21st and in the morning of Saturday the 22nd of May 2021 on the skating rink of Santa Barbara. On Sunday in the street racetrack obtained from the avenue of Corrado IV (included the roundabout of Piccinini road and the state road 80, passing for Vicentini road, continuing on Corrado IV avenue up to the roundabout of XXV Aprile road with XX Settembre road, passing for Vicentini road and going on up to Croce Rossa avenue, reconnecting to Corrado IV avenue then) about 3000 meters. The aforementionated racetrack will be reduced to 1250 meters to conduct the races of the categories "Ragazzi 12" and "Ragazzi" using the first two roundabouts.

On the same day, the races reserved to the category "Giovanissimi" and "Esordienti" will take place on a flat track obtained from the Market Square made by cement and quartz.

The athletes categories start from the "Giovanissimi" 8/9 years old, to those of "Seniores" (from the 2002 and older) and Master Over 30/40/50/60 years old.
There will be speed races and long- distances races, all in-line. It is also possible to check the program on the FISR website. For the 42000 meters distance, World cup WIC, the registrations have to be done sending the personal data of each athlete to the email address eventicpga@gmail.com (see the registration link) because there isn't in the race program.

On Sunday the categories "Giovanissimi" and "Esordienti" will compete at the same time with the other races in the programm reserved to the categories R/R12 /A/J/S and Master and will take place on the adjacent street racetrack (the distance of both is about 100/120 meters).

These categories will compete on a race course (similar to a flat track) made by a cement and industrial quartz of about 25x50 meters obtained in the sport village and will be managed by a jury. The above mentionated course will be adjusted to ensure the complete safety of the participats.

The intenction of the organisartors is to let conduct the race of the categories of "Giovanissimi" and "Estordienti" in the morning from the 9:30 and continue until the final races of each category.
The Master category, probably, will run together and combined to the "Allievi" category but in separated classification.
The races and the categories could be alterated on the organisation's needs.

The event will be streamed live on the website opening the specific link.

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